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Our Services

A complete web-based system that integrates agency management and document storage all in one easy-to-use service. Loaded with features to help organize and run your agency.  Fully integrated with our AccuAuto comparative rating where available.

If you write auto insurance and represent multiple auto insurance carriers, you know how time-consuming it can be to enter the same quote on each carrier's website. Auto rates are always changing. You may be familiar with the rates and underwriting rules for a company one day, but they may change the next. With AccuAuto, you always have the most current rates and underwriting rules in one easy-to-use, web-based service.

AccuHome capitalizes on our many years of experience with comparative rating to add a new tool to your arsenal for writing homeowner policies.

Do you need a website for your insurance agency? Absolutely. If you don't have one (or you do, but it isn't getting any traffic), you are missing out on the fastest growing marketing tool for insurance there is. We believe in creating a simple, clean, professionally designed site for your agency. But this is just the first step. Getting visitors to your site is step two, and we can help with that. We will do the work involved in claiming your agency listings and marketing. Need a phone number changed or have a great new photo of your staff you want added to your site? You can reach us by email and phone for any updates or questions. Support is always included with an AgencyThrive website.

Visit us at www.accuagency.com

*PIA of Louisiana Members Get 10% Off AccuAgency Management & AccuAuto Rating.

Thanks to Our 2018 PIA Partners:

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Excalibur National Insurance Company

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Markel FirstComp

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SageSure Insurance Managers, LLC

Stonetrust Commercial Ins. Co.